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For the first time, central environmental inspectors have included relevant departments of the State Council in their supervision

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Central ecological and environmental protection inspector, the sword out again! On September 1, the second round of the second batch of central ecological and environmental protection inspection teams were all stationed. While conducting supervision over local and central government enterprises, relevant departments of the State Council were included in the supervision for the first time.

How effective is the Central Environmental Monitoring? What are the new changes in the second round of the second batch of inspectors?

On the afternoon of September 1, the third central ecological and environmental protection supervision team stationed in Zhejiang province to carry out the central ecological and environmental protection supervision work mobilization meeting was held in Hangzhou. At this point, the second round of the second batch of 7 central ecological and environmental protection inspection teams have all achieved supervision.

The seven inspection teams were respectively responsible for the supervision of Beijing, Tianjin and Zhejiang provinces (municipalities), Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd., China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., and two central enterprises, and the National Energy Administration, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration of two departments to carry out the inspection pilot work. It is worth noting that while conducting inspections on local and central enterprises, the inspectors have for the first time included relevant departments of the State Council in their scope of supervision.

Starting from a pilot project in Hebei at the end of 2015, within three years, central ecological and environmental inspectors have completed the first round of full coverage in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), and carried out "looking back" in two batches. Last year, the first of a second wave of inspectors moved in.

Under the supervision, the whole society's attention to ecological environmental protection has undergone a fundamental change

"The river is clear. It's not black or smelly." In Haimen Town, Chaoyang District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, resident He Bo witnessed the changes of Lianjiang River in the past two years.

As recently as two years ago, the central ecological and environmental inspection team was sharply critical of Lianjiang's pollution during its "look back". The inspection team suggested that Shantou City leaders take the lead to live in the Lian River, and along the river people live together, until the water is not black not smelly.

As the inspector rectification focus on the problem, Lianjiang pollution remediation can not retreat. "Inspector let our thought produced fundamental change, awakened Shantou remediation Lian Jiang's responsibility consciousness." Shantou Mayor Zheng Jiange said. Local pain, determined to clean up the regulation to strengthen the construction of form a complete set, lian river water quality continues to improve, in July this year before Ⅴ class to surface water environment quality standards.

It is not only Lianjiang River, but also the weak control of tourism development around Erhai Lake, and the pollution along the riverfront of Ma 'anshan Yangtze River...... One by one was considered "impossible" to cure the pollution problem, a once lost water shore green, in the central ecological environmental protection inspectors to promote, or rectification in place, or lost. They handled 198,000 reports from the public, helped solve more than 160,000 ecological and environmental problems, transferred 542 major ecological and environmental problems, and strengthened the political responsibility for ecological and environmental protection.

"Over the past five years, the inspector has been witnessing the changes and the results have been remarkable. People thumb up, the central affirmation, local support, to solve the problem." The ecological environmental protection supervision office officials said that the most important is that the results of supervision on the front end, to promote the fundamental shift in thinking and understanding, all go the way of ecological green development priority of the whole society consensus, promote xi ecological civilization thought and implementation of new development concept, "the whole society to the importance of ecological environment protection, the responsibility consciousness, compared with the past, the fundamental changes in"; In the middle, the inspector promoted the establishment of a set of environmental protection mechanism and continued to improve, "before the environmental protection department alone, now all levels of Party committees and governments both the party and government responsibility, one post and two responsibilities, each department has a clear list of environmental protection responsibilities. The provincial supervision system has been established to complement and extend the central ecological and environmental protection supervision "; On the back end, we helped solve a number of prominent problems that we had long wanted to solve but failed to do, and accomplished a number of major issues that we had long wanted to accomplish but failed to do.

"Of all the measures we have taken to promote ecological progress, the central government's environmental supervision is the most powerful and effective." Li Zuojun, deputy director of the Institute of Resources and Environmental Policy at the Development Research Centre of the State Council, said many measures had been taken to protect the environment in the past, but it was difficult to get local governments to take strong action without strong supervision. In recent years, the quality of the air and water environment has improved, and the people feel the improvement of the ecological environment, which has a great deal to do with the inspector.

Taking into account the particularity of the department, the supervision methods made targeted adjustment

The Provisions on the Work of the Central Supervision for Ecological and Environmental Protection clearly target the relevant departments of the State Council and central government enterprises as the objects of supervision. The second round of central ecological and environmental protection inspections, launched in July last year, included central enterprises for the first time. The second round and the second batch of supervision for the first time included relevant departments of the State Council in the scope of supervision.

The central ecological and environmental protection inspector's office introduced, for local, to supervise the relevant provincial departments, prefecture-level Party committees and governments ecological and environmental protection responsibility implementation, as well as the implementation of the work; For central government enterprises, they should supervise their environmental compliance and implementation of ecological and environmental social responsibilities. For departments, more attention will be paid to whether they have balanced economic development with ecological protection in the formulation of regulations, policies, plans and standards. "Our supervision work, whether at the local level, relevant departments under the State Council or relevant central government enterprises, will not change its problem-oriented orientation." The person in charge said.

"I chose the National Energy Administration and the National Forestry and Grassland Administration first because they shoulder important responsibilities in key work such as protecting the blue sky, protecting the Yangtze River and restoring the Yellow River." Liu Youbin, spokesman for the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said the move will not only help win the battle against pollution and strengthen environmental protection, but also play a leading role in promoting the implementation of "one post with two responsibilities" for environmental protection.

"The scope of supervision has been continuously expanded, from local governments to central government enterprises to relevant departments under the State Council, which is in line with the requirements of ecological civilization construction." Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs in Beijing, said that with the development of ecological civilization, it is constantly touching on deep-seated structural adjustment. Take the battle to protect the blue sky as an example. The National Energy Administration cannot be involved in any major energy restructuring.

Liu Youbin said, taking into account the particularity of the department, in the inspection methods to make targeted adjustments, especially to take a combination of self-inspection and inspection. In the inspection team to carry out the inspection at the same time, the inspection department around the key direction of the inspection synchronized self-inspection work, do self-inspection and supervision of coordinated progress, self-inspection report and inspection report in the same direction.

During the period of the inspector, the object of the inspector side supervision side change, in fact, the inspector itself is constantly improving.

During the interview, a staff member of the supervision office showed the "Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision System Specifications and Template Paraparadigms" to the reporter, which was more than 300 pages and more than 90 templates. "We have grown from over 20 templates at the beginning of the pilot to over 90 now. In order to supervise relevant departments of the State Council, more than 30 templates have been revised this year." "The worker said.

New technologies and equipment, such as remote sensing satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), celestial eye monitoring and unmanned ships, have been put into use. Big data analysis has also been used to analyze, sort out and find clues to problems, providing support for inspectors.

Serving the "six stability" and "six guarantees", we will coordinate economic development and ecological and environmental protection

How to strengthen the role of public participation in the supervision? Ma Jun suggested further strengthening information disclosure. "Government information disclosure is relatively sufficient, but enterprise information disclosure is far from enough. Information disclosure can also be included in the scope of supervision, urging local governments and enterprises to do a good job, so that the whole society can supervise, and provide inspectors with countless eyes from the public."

An official from the central ecological and environmental protection inspector's office said the inspector will further strengthen information disclosure, effectively promote the resolution of people's reasonable demands and strive to establish a long-term mechanism, hoping that the public will supervise the implementation of the rectification and urge those under supervision to push forward the rectification work.

In the context of epidemic prevention and control, how to balance economic development with ecological and environmental protection?

"China's economic development is facing profound and complex changes in the international environment and domestic conditions, coupled with the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, while strengthening ecological and environmental protection, we should give consideration to economic development, do a good job in the work of 'six stability' and implement the task of 'six protection'." Li Zuojun suggested that the supervision should be more targeted, especially for the outstanding shortcomings and problems in the ecological environment.

Inspector in before August 21, the ecological environment protection and supervision office special letter to related provinces (municipalities), department and group co., LTD., resolutely implement the central decision-making to deploy, strongly pushing overseers and change, ban "one size fits all" and "accountability" abuse, and simplify the inspector put, lightens the burden at the grass-roots level.

An official with the Central Office of Ecological and Environmental Protection Inspector said the inspection team will resolutely serve the country's overall economic and social development, and resolutely serve the "six stability" and "six guarantees". The team will strengthen precise supervision, scientific supervision and law-based supervision, and grasp the direction and priorities of the supervision. We will pay more attention to the implementation of the new development philosophy. Pay more attention to the completion of the task of pollution prevention and control; We will focus more on key tasks such as environmental infrastructure development, ecological restoration and management, and environmental risk prevention and control, and work to accelerate the restoration of economic and social order.

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