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The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has forwarded opinions on the implementation of Zhejiang's environmental pollution problem discovery mechanism

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Focusing on the goal of "precision and efficiency", the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has actively encouraged local governments to establish and improve the mechanism for detecting environmental pollution problems, innovate the mode of ecological and environmental supervision and law enforcement, improve the efficiency of law enforcement, and build a modern environmental governance system.

Today, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment reported the work of establishing and improving the environmental pollution problem discovery mechanism in Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang province people's government attaches great importance to, the province ecological environment and national development and reform, public security, finance, market regulation and other relevant departments close cooperation, to establish and improve the environmental pollution problem discovery mechanism for promoting the modernization of environmental management system and management ability, deepen the beautiful zhejiang important measures of the construction of the new era, the pilot work rich achievements, offers can be copied, can promote environmental pollution problem discovery mechanism "zhejiang experience".

On the basis of summarizing the practical experience, recently issued by the general office of the people's government of zhejiang province on the establishing and perfecting the environmental pollution problem discovery mechanism of the implementation opinions "(hereinafter referred to as the" implementation opinion "), and put forward the construction of civil air defense and technology dimension is a combination of environmental pollution problems discovery mechanisms, improve social, intelligent, professional ability of environmental pollution problems found, clear the widen the channel of the clues found report and improve the incentive system, improve the pollution sources monitoring coverage, improve the regional environmental monitoring system, and to strengthen the big data analytics collaborative linkage, improve law enforcement departments to strengthen equipment level, the implementation of specific measures such as praise incentive. At the same time, the "Implementation Opinions" detailed the responsibilities of relevant departments, clear safeguard measures, monitoring and monitoring construction, law enforcement equipment, grid personnel incentive, reward reporting and other discovery capacity construction funds into the financial budgets of all levels.

Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment affirmed the work of establishing and improving the environmental pollution problem discovery mechanism in Zhejiang Province, and forwarded the "Implementation Suggestions" to the provincial ecological and environmental departments.

It is understood that according to the relevant requirements of establishing and improving the discovery mechanism, all parts of Zhejiang have innovated their working methods and constantly improved their ability to discover environmental pollution problems. Found in ascending intelligent ability, promote "green code" pilot enterprise of hangzhou, has been associated with 11787 polluters, through real-time acquisition of high frequency dynamic ecological environmental monitoring data, dynamic reflect the status of enterprise environment management level and environment safety risk, be accurately found environmental violations "information center". Huzhou City has developed and constructed a self-inspection system for enterprises. 334 enterprises and 1398 control points have been incorporated into the system management. With the help of intelligent means of "big data", 66,489 automatic inspection tasks have been sent to enterprises, of which 46,890 have been completed. Found in ascending social ability, ningbo organization to carry out "green water castle peak please guard" civil action, project system on ecological environment "ask government of the people's livelihood", give full play to all levels of National People's Congress, the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), the organization and discipline, advertising media, such as power, into a line to observe investigations, solve the problem of ecological environment has found more than 450. Jiaxing building "three big ten recruit" (three big screen, big exposure, and ten recruit: call the masses, county-rural network itself, the city ecological investigations themselves, the competent department of industry line, television media exposure, environmental ngos, unmanned aerial vehicles unmanned ship high-tech, cross county, minor ring joint, focus on) working mechanism, the development of the ecological environment regulation intelligence platform, actively launch report all departments and all levels found in the city ecological environment problems. So far, the platform has reported 28,038 environmental problem clues. Found in improve professional ability, zhoushan environment regulation "five-step list three execution of work", using the enterprise on its own screen, third party technology investigation, law enforcement inspection and automatic monitoring system of network ecological environment department check, and other forms, for various industries enterprise cumulative issued "enterprise environment service reminder" 120 copies, helping enterprises to solve all kinds of environmental problems, more than 400.

Through the discovery mechanism of environmental pollution problems, Zhejiang Province investigated and dealt with a number of serious environmental crimes, among which Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, successfully cracked a huge trans-provincial case of illegal dumping of solid waste polluting the environment based on the information from the grid workers of Yaozhuang Town. So far, 40 suspects have been arrested and 36 criminal compulsory measures have been taken.

In the next step, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will timely summarize and refine the pilot experience of Zhejiang Province, guide local governments to establish and improve the mechanism for finding environmental pollution problems, optimize ecological and environmental law enforcement methods, improve law enforcement effectiveness, and promote the modernization of environmental governance system and governance capacity.

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