RO System Used in Pharmaceutical Industry

High quality pure water is necessary for medical industry, biochemistry laboratory, kidney dialysis and injection production.

Combined with ion exchange equipment, reverse osmosis system can supply high pure water whose resistivity is over 5ΜΩ·cm. The high pure water produced by the system, is not only used in production of injection, tablet, infusion solutions, oral liquid, Chinese herbal medicine mixture plant, but also in the treatment of hospital laboratory, preparation center, rehabilitation centre.

With the advantages of operation stable, reducing work load and maintenance cost, the system is widely used in pharmaceutical factories and hospitals.

Capacity: 12 m3/h (2 sets)

Raw water quality: tap water

Production process: raw water → sand filter → carbon filter → precision filter → reverse osmosis → reverse osmosis → ultrafiltration → pure water

Pure water: conductivity ≤2μS/cm

Usage: pharmaceutical industry




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