RO System Used in Electronic Industry

In electronic production of semiconductors and solar cells, high quality pure water is need. The pure water that meets conductivity ≥18ΜΩ·cm is used for washing IC or processing.

Reverse osmosis membrane and high quality ion exchanger, matching other special water treatment system, can produce the high quality pure water, and meet the requirement of water supply in electronic industry.

The whole process system can be optimized if degassing and TOC reduction device are used.

Capacity: 10m3/h

Raw water quality: raw water is deep well water and tap water mixed ,conductivity about 600μS/cm

Production process: raw water → sand filter → carbon filter → presion filter → reverse osmosis system → EDI → mixed bed → high pure water

Pure water: conductivity≥18.3MΩ·cm

Usage:  aviation industry




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