Why should the water treatment industry use ozone?

Ozone is a strong oxidant, which contains traces of synthetic organic pollutants. The conventional water treatment process cannot be removed. Ozone is used to deoxidize, so that COD chemical oxygen demand that is not easily biodegradable becomes BOD biodegradable oxygen consumption. Biological treatment is used to solve the problem of water pollution. Biological treatment is economical, so when the biological treatment sewage is treated to a certain extent, ozone is used, and then biological treatment can remove a small amount of pollutants.

Water treatment

In the case of drinking water, ozone can act as a bactericidal agent. For example, strong oxidants can remove bacteria. In addition, there are fading and deodorizing effects, and these pollutions can be relieved. Because it can be oxidized, such toxic and harmful organic matter is safe. In addition, ozone can make organic pollutants of macromolecules in water become organic pollutants of relatively small molecules, which facilitates the adsorption of activated carbon in the subsequent water treatment equipment, and also facilitates the organisms on the activated carbon to degrade organic pollutants of small molecules.

The water treatment method of this ozone and activated carbon is called ozone biochar. This technology not only has ozone oxidation, physical adsorption, but also biodegradation, and has a clear result for the treatment of refractory organic pollutants. Ozone itself degrades into oxygen, so there is no hidden danger in drinking water.


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