Daily maintenance and cleaning methods of water treatment equipment

The water treatment equipment is running continuously every day. In order to ensure the normal operation of each device and the good effect of the water treated, the equipment should be regularly maintained and maintained.

Ultrafiltration water treatment equipment

First, the daily maintenance of water treatment equipment can start from the following aspects:

1. Check fasteners and control devices to ensure safety and reliability.

2, check and adjust the necessary parts, adjust the clearance of moving parts, and change the wearing parts.

3, cleaning, checking, adjusting electrical parts. Check whether the electrical contacts are good and whether the wiring is solid.

4. Thoroughly clean and wipe the dead corners of the inside and outside surfaces of the equipment and remove the burrs on the surface.

5, if necessary, dismantle, check, adjust and repair the equipment.

6, maintenance should be clean, natural, smooth, clear and well lubricated. The operation of the equipment is flexible and the operation is normal.

Two, water treatment equipment cleaning has the following methods:

1, low pressure washing technique cleaning method

In our daily life, we need to wash the equipment while using the pure water equipment, because the long time use will cause the pollution of the pure water equipment, which causes the equipment to not work properly. We should regularly use low pressure flushing technology to clean the surface dirt of equipment.

2. Stop equipment operation protection method

In the long run equipment, the technology of reverse osmosis pure water equipment will fluctuate. Once the treatment of pure water equipment is unreasonable, the membrane performance of the equipment will be reduced, and it may cause the unuse of the equipment seriously. We take protective measures in a short time, and properly stop the operation of the equipment, which is also a method of cleaning and protecting the equipment.

3. Chemical cleaning method

The membrane surface of the pure water equipment is easily covered by some microorganisms or inorganic materials. Our ideal cleaning time is once every half year. If the pure water equipment needs to be cleaned once a month, we need to adjust the parameters of the equipment and improve the system. Clean the pure water by chemical cleaning. The equipment membrane is also a way to protect the pure water equipment system.


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