Water treatment engineer teaches you: how to choose the right water treatment equipment

Let’s talk about purchasing principles first. The price of water treatment equipment is different and the standard is not the same. To choose the right water treatment product, only the right one is good.

When purchasing water treatment equipment, it is necessary to consider the company’s qualifications, to understand the authenticity, the company’s successful case, how to after-sales service and other details. Do not blindly pursue low-priced products. According to the requirements of the user to customize, you can also configure the high school and low-end configuration and after-sales service.

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After a long period of use of the water treatment equipment, many consumables need to be replaced or cleaned, and when the purchase is made, the merchant will be asked whether it will give a discount or after-sales service.

First understand the configuration requirements, because the configuration is more refined, so it is a trap. For some low-power pumps, such as pumps below 10KW, water treatment engineers do not think it is necessary to choose too good a pump. Products like domestic manufacturers can meet the requirements.

Regarding the filter material of the water treatment equipment, it is important to remember not to compare the price of light with the actual parameters of the filter material. For example, for the same activated carbon filter, the difference between the iodine adsorption values ​​750 and 900 is nearly doubled. Controllers can use mature and stable controllers.

With regard to the selection of membranes, although there are many membrane manufacturers, the engineers’ suggestions are still selected in the brand, and the quality is relatively stable. When an enterprise makes evaluations among different suppliers, it must be remembered that it is not just to look at the price, because the water treatment equipment itself is an assembly, so it is better to configure it item by item. It also depends on whether this configuration is designed based on the actual situation of your company, whether it can meet the requirements of water quality and use.

Second, we must pay attention to the nature of the product. For example, for pharmaceutical companies, drugs are a top priority. Therefore, when selecting a supplier, pharmaceutical companies must first consider safety. The safety can be considered from the following aspects: first, the safety of the process and technology, and the ability to confirm the required performance. The second is that the components of the water treatment equipment are safe and there must be no harmful leachables. Because the water treatment equipment will flow through different pipes and filter materials from the influent to the outflow, it is also necessary to control the materials of these pipes and materials and reduce the secondary pollutants that are harmful to humans.


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