Drinking water is a big deal. Buying bottled drinking water is good or a water purifier.

According to a market survey data, the total user of a family of three accounts for 2% of drinking water, 25% of cooking users, and 73% of other domestic water. It can be seen that drinking water is a major event. Drinking water is not just about understanding thirst. Many people also expect “drinking into health”. Is it better to buy bottled water or a water purifier?
Water purifiers have experienced a long period of development. The water purifiers are also the choice of many families today when the public is increasingly focusing on physical health.
At present, the top five brands of water purifiers in the market are: Midea, Four Seasons Mu Ge, Haier, Angel, and Liyuan. The market share is 21.4%, 17.6%, 10.2%, 10.1%, and 8.6% respectively.
Prices range from 300 yuan to 2,000 yuan. In the market, consumers have a high rate of praise for these water purifiers. It seems that the public is more optimistic about water purifiers. Now we will introduce the pros and cons of bottled water and water purifiers and provide reference for everyone.
Drinking water is a big deal. Buying bottled drinking water is good or a water purifier.

Water Purifier
Pros and cons of bottled water purifiers
From the water quality point of view. Although bottled water is disinfected and purified, the water purifier can make our daily water use more healthy and suitable for drinking. Water quality and purification capacity are better than bottled water!
According to statistics, the filter element of a water purifier can be intercepted in a year: about 3,600 mg of rust, about 98,000 mg of organic matter, about 500 mg of sediment impurities, and about 4 mg of lead, which can effectively remove various types of pollutants, such as bacteria, Residual chlorine, heavy metals, scale (calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, silt, etc.
However, the water in the water purifier is static, unlike the bottled water, which is generally used in front of the water, and there will be the back water rolling in. Therefore, the water purifier is like a stagnant jar of water, from this level. Look, the quality of bottled water is better than that of water purifiers.
From the source of water, bottled water is taken from the prescribed source of protection, the source is better than the water purifier, and the water purifier cannot choose the source of water. On this level, bottled water is better.
Based on the advantages and disadvantages, it can be seen that the bottled water that can actually select water sources and water purifiers that have been filtered through four or five levels of multiple depths are indisputable.
Drinking water is a big deal. Buying bottled drinking water is good or a water purifier.
About cost and convenience
From the perspective of water costs. The average daily water consumption of our family is about 4L, and the annual cost of drinking water is about 640-1600 yuan.
From the perspective of water costs, an efficient water purifier costs between RMB 3,000 and RMB 5,000, and the price of a water purifier to make a barrel of water is less than RMB 5 cents. It is not subject to time constraints and is ready for use. The price is relatively affordable. . Therefore, the use cost of the water purifier is lower than that of bottled water.
From the perspective of water use convenience. Everyone can think of the difficulty of drinking water from bottled water. It is sometimes difficult to notice when a bucket of water is finished. At this time, you must call the bottled water to order water. If it is summer, rushing to drink water, but the water supplier does not quickly send water, this time the irritability and anxiety can be very painful.

Water Purifier
The water purifier can use the water at any time, so long as you want to drink water, you can use the water purifier to reserve water, eliminating the purchase process and troubles.
Therefore, using water purifiers to make our water life more convenient from the point of view of water use convenience.
From the perspective of brand strength. Water purifier is a high-tech intelligent product, advanced technology, more complex structure, manufacturers are also leading brands of home appliances, national warranty.
Bottled water and mixed dragons and fishes are all mixed up. Everyone has a different understanding. Each place has a different source of water. There are also different types of branded bottled water. It is difficult to track the bottled water manufacturers and even the source of bottled water. It’s hard to track.
The water purifier production environment needs to be completed in a dust-free closed manufacturing workshop, and after completion, it must pass the harsh 28-hour test, 300-hour salt spray test, and 100,000 water-hammer test to reach the water purification requirement before leaving the factory. . For filter media, water purifiers must use food-grade top filters.
Therefore, water purifiers are relatively strong brand manufacturers to support and relatively safe.

Drinking water is a big deal. Buying bottled drinking water is good or a water purifier.
Based on the above analysis of water costs, water quality, water availability, and brand strength, we can see that bottled water and water purifiers have their own advantages and disadvantages. They need to integrate cost, quality, convenience, service attitude, and others. Many factors look at your situation for bottled water or water purifiers.
With our pursuit of convenience and material safety, experts recommend that water purifiers be used in combination with bottled water.
Water dispensers using bottled water are generally placed in the living room, complementing the water purifiers installed in the kitchen. The water purifier outlet can be used to wash dishes, soups, rice, and washing surfaces. Bottled water can be used as a daily routine. Wash tea, drink, etc.
When the fresh water has not yet been delivered after the bottled water has been consumed, there are still water purifiers that can be replaced in an emergency. This kind of healthy drinking water is the choice of more and more families nowadays.


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