XST staff training in March of 2017, preparing for a new year plan

The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring. A day’s plan in the morning. At the beginning of this season, With the high attention from our company leader, XST Water treatment technology highly strict on staffs training, All XST family filled with enthusiasm and high morale to mee t the challenges of the new year.

The training covers various departments of our company, is a re education process from top to bottom. The main purpose of training is to enhance the theoretical knowledge of products, familiar with the company’s financial, personnel and other related management systems. In addition,Our company plans to increase the existing training on the basis, the specific content Depending on the later situation.

Training is one of the means to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, is the “engine” of sustainable competitiveness for enterprises, also an effective way to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, to better serve the enterprise. For the training work, the enterprise should pay enough attention, because it is also an effective way to attract, retain, educate and inspire people. Through training, the company aims to create a full love learning, striving for a good learning atmosphere.


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