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Xi’an Xinshengtai(XST) Water Treatment Techonology Co. Ltd (Formerly Xi’an Shengtaihuagong Science & Technology Co. Ltd) was founded in 2003. It is located in Xi’an-an ancient capital city for 13 dynasties in Chinese history, where the eighth wonder of the world, Terra-Cotta Warriors located.

XST is an environmental friendly hi-tech company that specialize in research, production, and sale of different kinds of water treatment equipments, based on science researching and technology innovation.

Since established, XST has finished thousands of water treatment projects, involving chemical industry, power plant desalination water, electrodeionization ultrapure water, medical industry, aviation cleaning, food and beverage industry, municipal heating, softened circulating water, living water purification, brackish water desalination, sea water desalination, industrial waste water treatment, reclaimed water reuse, rural area drinking water project, and etc. Our products have been exported to many countries, such as Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uruguay, Russian, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia and win very good reputation. Some of our projects were granted as “Outstanding environmental protection project model” by national Environment Protecting Department and Water Resources Ministry. We are judged as Star enterprise to promote environmental protection technology to Asean countries for 4 consecutive years.

Xinshengtai Environmental Protection Industrial Park was built in 2011 in Xi’an-Xianyang New Area-a national grade new area, which occupies 24,000 square meters, mainly used for design, development, and manufacture of environmental protection water treatment products. We now have 150 staffs, with 50% of which have senior or advanced title. And we established long term partnership with many universities and scientific research institutions in Xi’an.

Our experienced and well trained staffs can provide first class one stop services from on site investigation, project design, business negotiation, installation and adjustment, to after sales service.

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