Business Performance

Parts of achievement ofXinshengtai (XST) Water Treatment

Technology as following:

Boiler supply water of power plant, recycling water of boiler and conditioner

  • Boiler recycling water ofHanqiu United Station of Yanchang Petroleum Management Bureau is 120m3/D in 2016
  • Boiler recycling water of Dongrengou United Station of Yanchang Petroleum Management Bureau is 300m3/D in 2017

Life water improvement, bitter water and seawater desalination, waste water recycling

  • Life water improvement of Shanxi Highway Administration is 1200m3/Dduring 2010-2013
  • Life water improvement ofSecond Oil Factory of Changqing Oil Management Bureau of China is 50m3/D in 2016
  • Sea water desalting plant of energy Motivation Institute of Xi’an University of Communication is 24m3/D in 2017
  • Sea water desalting of Thailand IKKICompany is 50m3/D in 2015

Petroleum and Chemical Industry:

  • Process water ofXinjiang Bolian Color Printing and Packing Co., Ltd is 120m3/D in 2013
  • Process water of concrete pouring of 17 Bureau of China Railway Construction Group is 3000m3/D in 2015
  • Process water ofZhongke Glass Material Co., Ltd is 150m3/D in 2016


  • Lab Electron industry water of Xi’an Flight Auto-control Research Institute of AVIC is 48m3/D in 2013
  • Lab Electron industry water ofXi’an 213 Research Institute is 72m3/D in 2015
  • Stage III pure water project of USA (Xi’an) Meiguang Semiconductivity Co., Ltd is 200m3/D in 2015
  • Pure water project of USA (Xi’an) Weishi Semiconductivity Co., Ltd is 400m3/D in 2017


  • Process water of Gansu Dingxi Chaoqing Starch Factory is 400m3/D in 2016
  • Blending water ofXinjiang Mengniu Dairy Industry is 150m3/D in 2016
  • Process water ofXinjiang Yili Wine Industry is 500m3/D in 2016
  • Ice-making process water of Samoa Islands, Australia is 50m3/D in 2017

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